The variants of creation the unified banking system

The «Feed-Antifraud» system is planned to create on FinCERTby base (The Financial Sector Computer Emergency Response Team). It will spread the information about unauthorized transfer of funds and collect the data:

  • • security risk clients
  • persons who сashes out embezzled funds,
  • • skimming (date, time, place, type of device, ID device number),
  • • suspected point of compromise (date and time of operation, ID device number),
  • • banking plastic card number selection,
  • • web-fraud with card details.

The National Bank is considering two options of identification security risk operation system realization on-line.

  • 1. The software and hardware complex is being deployed on AS IBT, SSIS or another platform with sufficient productivity, which interacts with the «Feed-Antifraud» system. This complex processes transactions from all banks on-line.
  • 2. Each bank purchases the software itself to interact with the «Feed-Antifraud» system.

The suggestions that possible variants of realization this project are expected from banks in Association till March, 20.